Wednesday, April 25. 2007

RPM files section can't handle "special characters"

I tried to package some documentation files generated with doxygen using checkinstall and rpm today. Unfortunately, rpm seems to be unable to handle file names in the %files section that contain some "special characters" suchs '?', '*', '[', and ']'. In my particular case I had a file called 'html/structboost_1_1call__traits_3_01T[N]_4.html' (from the SystemC library), which I could not get listed in the %files section.

There has been a post on the rpm-devel list over a year ago, but the long time maintainer of RPM, Jeff Johnson, seems to not care about file names containing "special characters" for whatever reason. The original poster said he wants to submit a patch that fixes the bug. I don't know if that happened, I only know that rpm 4.4.2 (still?) can't handle special characters in the %files section.

As for workarounds: