Thursday, May 8. 2008

CCTV does not help against crime [The Guardian]

There's an interesting discussion at slashdot over an article in The Guardian concerning the effectiveness of CCTV cameras. In short, The Guardian cites a police man that only 3% of street robberies were solved using CCTV images.

While this seems to argue against installation of CCTV cameras, there are several interesting points brought up in the discussion on slashdot, though.

Thank you, slashdot, for your great discussion system. On a personal note, I don't think CCTV is a cure for everything. It may help in some cases (say banks), but most often it will only invade people's privacy and satisfy the curiosity of some (unknown) security people while pushing crime to other, non-monitored areas. More intelligent software, as the Guardian article suggests, won't help here.