Friday, February 22. 2008

Realistic 3D experience with Wii remote

Johnny Lee strikes again. After using the Wii remote to create a low cost multi-touch whiteboard he uses the Wii remote to implement head tracking and 3D virtual reality. He coupled the Wii remote with a PC and a monitor which displays the 3D world. Thanks to the 3D processors in our brain (and the normal processors in Lees computer), we get an impressive illusion of three dimensionality with objects sticking out of the TV. You can even look into a football stadium as if you look through a window: lean to the right and you see more of the field, lean to the left and you see more of the audience.

However, it works only for a single person (and I guess you need a pretty big TV screen such as the one Lee owns to enjoy this 3D experience. :-)) Great work!